In this workshop we will explore sound, physical exercises and our own imagination, as a way to arise the untold and hidden side of our personality. To face this side means to become conscious, and this is the first step in order to establish a creative and healing process leading to a balanced “presence”.

In ancient time, all over the Mediterranean area, there was a ritual specifically addressed to women. The ritual was built to remove, exorcise and clean the person from heavy energies or “poisons” that was inhibiting their feminine energy. In Salento (south-east of Italy), the mythical drama was caused by the bite of a big black spider called Taranta.

When a woman was “bitten” by the spider, the whole community would gather to help her to exorcise the poison finding again the way to this dimension.

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Music, dance, colors and magic symbols were the main tools used in this healing process. In Salento we could find traces of this millenary practice until the late 1950's.

Being inspired from this ancient ritual, in the “Taranta” workshop we will use a similar process to unveil the poisons we are affected by, celebrating through Butoh the transformation of this heavy energies in dance.

All the dance sessions will be guided with live music composed from both ritual and more traditional instruments.

Open to persons of every age or gender.

Is it art or therapy?

The borders of these and other disciplines are finally dissolving in a virtuous and creative series of perspectives, rejoining the ancient status they had for thousands of years in every traditional society.

Yuri Dini

Artistic director of Yurta Maktub project (nomadic theatre in a Mongolian tent). Graduated in Cultural Anthropology and Philosophy in Bologna University.

In 2006 he created Il Teatro della Beffa - an experimental theatre company working with Butoh dance, music composition and ritual scenography built from garbage. Since the beginning the aim has always been to re-build a sacred performative space and time, able to deal with the loss of “presence” and distance from Nature that affect the contemporary human being.

Some of the masters he has studied with:

Atsushi Takenouchi, Masaki Iwana, Minako Seki, Tadashi Endo, Kan Katsura, Imre Thormann, Sayoko Onishi, Yumiko Yoshioka, Ko Morobushi e Yoshito Ohno.

This project is in collaboration with V.I.D. arts|science directed by prof. Carlo Ventura (vibrational and regenerative medicine).


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